Crepes (dairy-free)

Dairy free coconut milk crepes with a hot homemade apple compote sauce, cinnamon and toasted coconut. A delish no-bake, summer dessert!

Chico loves crepes
coconut crepes
Crepes (nalesniki) topped with cinnamon, regular coconut and toasted coconut with brown sugar
the first one or two dairy free coconut crepes come out a bit pale compared to usual, but the later crepes get golden


  • 3-4 large eggs or 4 regular size eggs (3 were used but 4 large would be even better)
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • approx 325-335 ml thin coconut milk from a fridge carton, shaken (NOT canned. shaken well, you want a fridge carton thin consistency not canned etc) (almond milk or non-perishable carton can also be used, it may be thinner so you may not need to add water)
  • 1 (slightly) heaping cup all purpose flour
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil, melted plus some extra melted oil for greasing the pan
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2tsp vanilla extract, optional
  1. With a Hand mixer, cream the eggs with sugar. add melted coconut oil and mix. add flour, then coconut milk and mix (tip: it helps to mix very briefly without electricity to keep flour and milk from spraying).
  2. Even carton coconut milk can have tiny lumps (which can be mixed smooth) and consistency variations if not shaken. crepes have a thinner batter than most batters usch as pancake batter, but the consistency should be not too thin nor too thick. After the first few crepes it will thicken with time as it sits. It should be pourable. As needed, add 1/6-1/4 cup water – this is only a few spoons (if the carton coconut milk was thicker then up to 1/2 cup/50-120ml water) or simply a dash more water.
  3. Heat a nonstick 9” pan or crepe pan (for 8” fry pan simply pour a tiny bit less batter) over the med-high gas mark 6-7 (you can do lower for longer if you are a novice, but these take only 15min to make a stack of crepes). before it gets hot, quickly dip a piece of paper towel in melted coconut oil and massage the pan and massage the pan well all around, dip another 2 times if needed and massage the pan.heat the pan so it’s hot. prepare ladle, spoon, spatula and butter knife and a plate.
  4. Pickup the pan by the handle over the burner so that it’s not sitting on the heat. Pour a heaping half of a ladle (approx 1/4 cup) to cover the pan in very thin batter and swirl (not too fast). if there’s any gaps, use spoon to pour into gaps. if any bits form on the side, use a butter knife to gently scrape and push them down into crepe.
  5. once edges are golden, flip by using a butter knife to pry the crepe then use big spatula to flip (some carefully grab with hands without touching the pan, but if you are not a pro-cook stick to the spatula). cook another 30 secs or so. If you are not sure if it’s ready, you can lift the bottom a little bit to see if it’s ready. Then use the spatula to move to plate. Re-grease with a drop of oil (this is not necessary, but if you are new to this it helps). Repeat with other crepes.dont be discouraged as often the first crepe on the pan is usually the stickiest, but they get better with time as the pan is more greased. As noted above, if the batter has thickened in the meantime and you already haven’t then add a dash of water, about a half ladle or as needed (1/4 -1/2cup water as needed) and mix in.
In the pan, as you can see they don’t have to be totally perfect on first swirl as a spoonful of batter can fill the gaps but while pan is held above burner not on the heat,it’s more forgiving this way as it is a pretty high heat

Yield: Makes a big stack of crepes for a small group or family

Stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks

Variation: use 350 ml vanilla Almond milk from a fridge carton. No need to add water at first, but if it thickens after a few crepes add just a dash as almond milk is a little thinner.

Tip: I tried making this with a gluten free mix before, but it didn’t stick well together since crepes are so thin and pan fried unlike baked goods they didnt work well, so I recommend traditional flour unless you are a gf pro and add extra starch and eggs. We salvaged the GF mix by adding 2 extra eggs and some regular flour as we didn”t have tapioca starch on hand. it will also taste slightly different when replacing flour with starch of course.

Crepes are all about the filling. Fill with fresh apple sauce as in recipe below or with jam or with nutella and banana/strawberry slices.

Bonus Casual Recipe for Fresh Apple Sauce/ Dżem z jabłek:

6 small apples, Chopped peeled

Generous Sugar, white, brown, or coconut sugar (to sweetness preference – remember, the crepes are not sweet)

2 good pinches cinnamon

Place apples in a small pot and cover in very generous sugar and cinnamon. Cook on low. stir often to prevent burning, until apples release their juices. Cook on low, stirring from time to time, about 30min or until tender. if you are patient cook it longer to dissolve further into apple sauce. but we were hungry and prefer it in apple chunks! Fill and roll the crepes, dust with cinnamon and toasted coconut

a great recipe for any day or for when having people over for brunch. also great for mother’s day, father’s day, date night, valentine’s day, etc.

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Topped with cinnamon, and toasted coconut with brown sugar

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