Kiwi Christmas Tree fruit salad platter

Looking for a beautiful Christmas fruit tray? How about a Christmas fruit tree? Try this Festive Christmas fruit salad tray in the form of a kiwi Christmas tree and kiwi wreath!

This easy kiwi Christmas tree fruit platter is an edible arrangement that is so simple, healthy and decorative to deck the table at any Christmas party or potluck!

the best Christmas tree food recipe: kiwi Christmas tree
Kiwi Christmas tree fruit tray
kiwi Christmas tree platter and kiwi Christmas wreath fruit salad tray
From left: Kiwi wreath, hearty Polish Christmas vegetable salad, kiwi Christmas tree fruit platter
Christmas holiday fruit platter
A Kiwi wreath is such a festive easy Christmas fruit platter dish to bring to Christmas holiday parties and potlucks from Christmas til New years parties

How to arrange a Christmas fruit tray as a Kiwi Christmas tree: Keep an unpeeled chunk of kiwi or simply some peel for the tree stump. Keep a piece of a large mango, canned peach half or other fruit to cut into a star shape. Then proceed to peel and slice the kiwi into 1/4″ thick slices and garnish with fruit to match the picture or make your own version of a green kiwi tree with ornaments. For the ornaments decorate with sweetened cooked cranberries or pomegranate airils etc, and slices of mango, canned peaches or other fruit.

For the kiwi wreath fruit platter, if you don’t have a colorful plate place kiwi on easy healthy homemade red fruit juice jello recipe as the base. make a ribbon from a red bell pepper topped with a pomegranate airil if desired. decorate kiwi wreath with more pomegranate airils.

Of course a kiwi Christmas tree is a no brainer as its green, it doesn’t brown easily like bananas and apples, and its in season, but enjoy your Christmas fruit tree any way you want, using all your favorite fruit! honeydew shapes and green grapes work too, as do sliced strawberry ornaments!

This Christmas fruit salad tray recipe for a Christmas tree and kiwi wreath made from food is a super easy, healthy and festive recipe for sharing at Christmas holiday parties and New Years eve party food! Could not keep the holidays simpler, as it is a foolproof no-bake, no-fuss easy, but impressive holiday recipe. And its inclusive of all diet types, (refined) sugar free and naturally sweet, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo, whole 30, pegan (paleo vegan) and allergen free, well unless you hapholiday Xmas tree fruit platter and kiwi wreath fruit tray with a side of sweetened coconut whip if desired.

For more Christmas goodies check out this easy fun arts and crafts Christmas chocolate bark with a red Rudolph nose! or forego the lumps of coal and make this homemade fudge recipe that’s a little naughty and a little nice as its dairy free and vegan.

for more holiday recipes check out this Christmas menu of well-paired festive holiday recipes for a beautiful holiday spread. it includes Christmas dinner sides that go well together, holiday mains like pot pies and pot pie soup with healthy pie crust, pecan pie, and Christmas drinks like eggnog.

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sometimes our doggies get into mischief and decorate themselves lol

Sometimes we dress them up.

Funny blooper story: I had invited my cousin and her fiance over for dinner and dessert and somehow between all the holiday frenzy and blogging, I lost my phone in my own apartment. When my cousin came over she called it and since the ringer was so low we had a bit of a scavenger hunt until we were certain the ring was coming from the kitchen, and more precisely from my baking cupboard. I had very quickly put away my baking things and somehow the phone went along for the ride (i was takin pics of the process hence why it was in the kitchen)! So thankful my cousin was there to call it a few times, otherwise I would go all week dumbstruck at where my phone could possibly be, I would never ever think to look deep inside my baking cupboard! How about you? what’s the silliest thing to happen to you while in (holiday/cooking/entertaining/blogging) frenzy?

Wishing you and your family happy Holidays! ( I will still be blogging of course so this isn’t a sign off!)

edible arrangements Christmas fruit platter
Gingerbread snowman
happy holidays!

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