A Dairy free and lactose free blog with healthy alternatives

I am very happy and grateful that Feedspot, which has the most comprehensive List of Top 50 Dairy Free Blogs, has just made Dairy Free Indulgence as a panelist and ranked this dairy free site as the top 20 dairy free blogs on the web! As a very new blog that is only public for 3 months, having only launched in October, 2019, there is still so much room to grow, but every positive step forward is celebrated.

Go check out Feedspot and their list of top dairy free bloggers here. Just wanted to give Feedspot a shout out for their contribution to getting the word out about this blog!

Thank you so much to everyone following, commenting and liking, in the first few months of this new blog, its a great little blogging community here! I aim to make this blog a comprehensive resource for all dairy free recipes made delicious so you can indulge in everything you’ve wanted to, and some people who love dairy have been tempted to convert along the way as I bring them these foods!

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