Shoulder workout at home (quarantine exercise)

Need a workout without the gym while social distancing? And some endorphins for your immune system during the time of Corona stress? The WHO recommends exercising and not staying sedentary to help you fight the COVID-19 virus. My cousin Abdallah has a shoulder workout using body weight for resistance and a series of home weight training exercise videos for those who want to weight train well at home while physical distancing. They are great for both women and men’s fitness routines. Of course use proper disinfecting practises and a towel or mat before working out on your floor.

Check out the youtube video here. He gives a brief muscle group description in Arabic, but the rest is all visually taught to give ideas for a no-gym, no-dumbells needed workout. Well made videos that are very motivating and empowering and get you pumped up in this time of quarantine boredom! Follow him on youtube for his whole series of exercises for every muscle group: back, chest, shoulder, arms, abs and core workouts!

Kettle bells are a great alternatives to dumbells and weights which are sold out. And a skipping rope provides safe cardio during the pandemic and quarantine.

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