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DIY almond flour

the almonds around are for decoration since these are the almonds people recognize, but to get blanched almond flour you would use blanched almonds

If almond flour is out of stock or too expensive try this easy homemade almond flour.

Depending if you prefer blanched almond flour or regular almond flour with the almond skin on, you will need to use blanched almonds or almonds.

The amount of almonds doesn’t matter but generally the more you add the quicker it blends as you need enough nuts so there is contact with the blades at all times.

Place almond into a large food processor (or this is the most powerful food processor for quicker jobs, but pandemic shopping prices fluctuate so bookmark it and look for renewed models too) and grind until fine and flour like. Store in an airtight container such as a baker’s container in a cool dark spot like a cupboard.

Almond flour is a great pantry staple to have on hand and to make nutritious and creamy diy almond milk easily from almond flour without soaking as there are no hard nuts or almond skins.

And almond flour is great for baking high-protein, grain-free paleo bread and paleo baked goods.

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