breakfast and brunch

Mother’s Day recipes

Mother’s day menu for brunch, dinner, and dessert ideas, including recipes kids can take part in and make.

I’m going to start with brunch and desserts first as they are the most Mother’s day themed. I have kept it simple for quarantine.

Brunch or lunch

Garden focaccia bread art! Super easy No-knead bread recipe, it is up to you if you want to make it a decorated focaccia or a traditional focaccia. Great for lunch or dinner. Serve Focaccia with tomato soup, salad, grilled meat or grilled veggies, or as a starter with balsamic and olive oil, before pasta or Italian food.

If desired pair the foaccia bread with this Basil avocado goat cheese spread (or cheese-free option included) over warmed bread or baguettes. Great with smoked salmon or salmon burgers too.

A healthy Quiche with many variations, vegetarian chard or spinach quiche, smoked salmon, bacon.

Classic and chive hashbrown potato latkes, top with a poached egg or fried egg or the prosciutto wrapped egg cups below for a perfect brunch. Tip: these are best fresh.

Prosciutto or bacon wrapped egg cups

I know, nothing sweet here so far, but save the sugar for the desserts and giftable treats ahead!


Easy Chocolate mousse cake, skip the mirror glaze to keep it simple and decorate the top with strawberry slices in the shape of flower petals as Mother’s day cake decorating. If desired add a strawberry rose to the centre. It is a flourless cake and no-bake dessert perfect for May and summer.

Rose wine jello cups, let mom take the day off

Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate cups

Easy no-bake fudge

For some food art and crafts: Chocolate hearts, use pink or red candy or fruit to decorate the hearts!


Spanakopita phyllo pastry pies stuffed with antipasto or ratatouille

Schnitzel and pair with creamy cucumber salad

Roasted potatoes and veggies with shrimp and herbs

Lentil Shepherd’s pie, a vegan Mother’s day dinner, that the kids will enjoy too!

Ratatouille pasta or ratatouille pizza

5 minute dinner: Shrimp tacos with tropical salsa

Starters, appies and sides

Or simple but delicious pumpkin coconut soup, made with pantry staples.

honey roasted carrots

Beverages and Cocktails

Mango lassi

Mango cocktail

Pina colada

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