Home workouts

No gym? No dumbells, no weights? no problem! Abdallah shows you how to weight train with household items like a champ at home during quarantine!

Check out his series of Quarantine workout videos for all muscle groups taught by my cousin Abdallah, who bodybuilds and worked at the gym prior to quarantine closures. Give him a follow to stay posted on more exercise videos!

Chest workout without the gym (including bench press using common home props instead of weights)

Core Workout

Arms workout

Back workout

Shoulder workout (includes lifting at home)

Stay tuned for meditation and yoga, once I find the space to record while social distancing!

Quarantine Cardio while social distancing: During Covid-19 and quarantine running past people on a narrow path isn’t the safest choice for cardio, how about a simple skipping rope instead to get your lungs pumping?

(note if the link to the skipping rope and gear is not visible use a browser without ad blockers or turn your ad blocker off).

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