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DIY Plant milk recipes

How to make plant milks 101: The easiest, quickest, healthiest and best Coconut milk, Almond milk, Oat milk recipes. Ready in 1-5 minutes!

Quick, easy. allergen-free and dairy-free and vegan milk alternative recipes such as nut milk, coconut milk and oat milk! These plant based milk options are great to use as vegan creamer alternatives, enjoyed by kids or adults alone or with a dunked cookie in a cold glass of milk or chocolate milk or a hot cup of milk or hot chocolate, and these plant-base milks are also great to use in baking, smoothies, etc. And if made thicker and creamier make a great vegan, dairy-free cream alternative for savoury and sweet recipes. The ingredients to make any one of these milk recipes are shelf-stable and can be stockpiled.

Undiluted, sugar-free and free of emulsifiers, addiditives and preservatives so they are gentler on the stomach, especially compared to barista plant milks which have additives that make them frothy in lattes, but are not kind to gut health.

During quarantine and Covid-19 pandemic I have become less trusting of foods consumed raw, since I don’t know who handled them, and especially since refridgerated foods and their cartons can potentially harbour the virus for almost a month in the cold.

Thankfully it is both easy and quick to make plant milk in minutes and it is not only more nutritious but much more economical (especially these days with online pandemic shopping prices and shortages) and you don’t get a watered down version, so it is time to try juice truck worthy vegan milk!

Almond milk recipe 2 ways (including no soak method!). Homemade almond milk is not only creamier and less watered down, but more nutritious. You get way more vegan protein and dairy-free calcium in the homamade kind, as you get exactly as much as you would form eating all those almonds. Here are two ways, one easy no-soaking shortcut method recipe using almond flour. And one traditional diy almond milk recipe. (A paleo milk and vegan milk.)

1 minute DIY Coconut milk recipe two ways (inlcuding a no strain method with silky texture!). Coconut milk made using pantry staples like shredded coconut flakes or coconut butter/manna. The silky smooth texture yields the most drinkable milk alternative to cold milk, and is about to become your new milk moustache favourite. (A vegan milk and paleo milk and cream alternative.)

Diy Oat milk recipe (vegan milk): Oat milk started making it’s name when it got added to Starbuck’s milk alternatives. But even homemade oat milk froths nicely without a frother! And while people are stockpiling flour and worrying about flour shortages and price spikes, they forget that a case of large bags of oats is helpful to add to your stockpiling grocery shopping list not only for use in oatmeal but because you can use it in muffins or grind it up in a food processor into oat flour for oat bread. You can also make oat milk as in my homemade oat milk recipe. Honestly I’ve had 10 kg of oats before all ot myself, and they don’t go bad all year and get used in many recipes once you have them such as granola.

The coconut milk and almond milk can be used to make turmeric golden lattes by adding some turmeric latte powder.

Flavoured milks: any of these vegan milks can be made into dairy-free chocolate milk, hot chocolate or berry milk as mentioned in the recipes with the addition of cocoa/cacao powder and pure vanilla extract or berries. These milks can be unsweetened or sweetened with healthy alternatives. One can add raw honey or an infused raw honey such as cinnamon honey, cocoa honey, turmeric honey (surprisingly delicious, and easily creates a golden milk latter), ginger honey (just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down! also delicious), or antioxidant rich berry raw honey, or a taster trio of flavoured raw honey can be tried. If sick mix in some manuka honey when fighting cold or flu and sore throat symptoms (disclaimer for 2020: this is not a cure for Covid-19, just a soothing throat remedy, call your doctor if you have Corona virus symptoms).

How to use your plant milks: Incorporate them into smoothies and protein shakes, such as this long compilation of antioxidant rich and vitamin rich smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Or add them to immune boosting drinks such as turmeric golden milk.

tip: to wash out narrow neck milk bottles and reach the bottom I use a bottle brush– also great for waterbottles.

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