pinchofwholesome.ca is the new domain name for dairyfreeindulgence.com

pinchofwholesome.ca is replacing dairyfreeindulgence.com!

Just a friendly reminder! I heard some email links in thise reminder didn’t work as the dairyfreeindulgence.com domain is now gone.

I suggest to bookmark Pinchofwholesome.ca for easier finding and don’t be surprised if you get this new name in your inbox if you are subscribed!

Subscribing if you haven’t already, will ensure you don’t lose this website and its recipes! Check out the buttons on the right for WP, email, Facebook, or IG subscriptions.

Pinch of Wholesome is going to be the new name instead of Dairy Free Indulgence (not Cooking wholesome sorry for that error in last email)

So take note so you can find the website with the new url address as the old one won’t work anymore starting October!

Followers who receive email recipe notifications will still receive emails, but don’t be surprised that you will receive email notifications from a new name-and its not junk!

This will also affect the name on the Facebook business page, Twitter, and Instagram as soon as I update it all!

dairyfreeindulgence.com is expiring Sept 29 so until then if it is typed in it should redirect to the new domain url. After that it is up to you to know the new name to type in if you are not subscribed, so I recommend subscribing!

The recipes will still be mostly dairy free and lactose free, however I don’t want dairy lovers to bypass these delicious recipes, as even those dairy eaters that I know, who’ve eaten my food, said they just might convert 🙂

I also offer cooking services and those can include dairy in it depending on client preference so I want to be inclusive of all types of clients.

(For those looking for dairyfreeindulgence.com the website name and website address has changed to pinchofwholesome.ca )

When all else fails look for the familiar chocolate mirror glaze cake picture!

Thank you for your support 🙂

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