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No churn smooth dairy free ice cream 4 flavors: chocolate, chocolate brigadeiro, coconut brigadeiro, vanilla coconut (plus hack for soft no-churn ice cream)

Recipes for no-churn Dairy-free Chocolate coconut ice cream, brigadeiro chocolate ice cream, beinhos de brazil ice cream (coconut brigadeiro ice cream) and classic vanilla coconut ice cream!

Prior to freezing. we didn’t take pictures after. i like mine as mylk chocolate or dark chocolate but i know some people dont like dark chocolate so i leave the amounts a little flexible with cocoa

this dairy free icecream recipe is both a vegan and paleo dessert and it stays smooth and easy to scoop after freezing without an ice cream machine/churner! The secret is 1 tbsp of booze as alcohol doesnt freeze easily 😉 or you can make it alcohol free, but only freeze a short time, say before dinner to have as dessert.


2 cans of coconut cream, full fat, chilled solid top cream part only, or double the recipe with 4 cans using just the cream part, liquid can be used but it crystallizes more

7.5-10 tbsp of Cacao pdr/cocoa pdr (to taste depending if you like light or dark chocolate,the more you add the more sugar you will neeed)

6tbsp or more to taste of coconut sugar/ maple syrup (keto sub preferred sweetener ex pinch stevia)

grated dark chocolate,garnish

Optional: 1 tbsp dark rum or vodka to prevent freezing hard( hard alcohol has a low freezing point)(if not adding the condensed coconut milk as below, nor multiplying the recipe, you can even get away with 2/3 tbsp vodka, use about a 1.5 tbsp of 80-proof alcohol per quart(approx 4 cups) of ice cream/sorbet.

For chocolate brigadeiro variation: add a 250 ml can of sweetened condensed coconut milk (not evaporated milk), you can omit or reduce the sugar, and add an extra 4tsp-2tbsp cocoa pdr to taste

vanilla Coconut variation: omit cacao and use little less sweetener, add vanilla.

vanilla coconut brigadeiro ice cream: omit the cocoa powder and add vanilla and condensed coocnut milk, omitting or reducing the sugar

grated chocolate for topping chocolate ice cream

Recipe directions:

Blend all in a blender or on low heat in a saucepan til sugar and cocoa is dissolved. Freezing reduces sweetness so make it a little sweeter than you like it, to taste. Freeze in silicone mold or brownie pan or freezer safe Tupperware for one-two hours and let sit out a few mins before scooping- Or if using rum freeze in a loaf pan for about six hours or til firm, but not hard. The alcohol helps it from crystallizing hard so if omitting alchol only freeze 1-2hours.

Top vanilla variation ice cream with toasted coconut

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