Kid’s Food Crafts

Ideas for Quarantine Kid’s Food Crafts, Baking and Creative Kid’s Activities

Baking and cake decorating is a great way to not only occupy your kids but teach them essential skills when you have a chance in quarantine..and put them to work on something useful that they can eat! Kids are more likely to eat what they helped make!

Check out these Quarantine treats for recipe ideas

Check the search bar on the right for the keyword “kid-friendly” and “family” for kid-approved recipes or family meals, such as ones I would make for clients, and stay tuned for more recipes!

whoever said “don’t play with your food” didn’t have much of an imagination

Here are some more kid’s baking ideas and activity ideas for kids. To see the image links use a browser that doesn’t have ad blocker turned on.

Please note, this kids baking book is not dairy-free for those with allergies. There doesn’t seem to be a book for kids to be involved with that is dairy-free or allergy-free. If you would like me to make a dairy free kids food crafts e-book for $5, drop a comment below