healthy dairy free recipes

Quarantine treats (healthy, simple desserts and snacks)

You will want to lockdown and bookmark these quarantine dessert recipes for the coming months!

Get your kids involved to occupy your kids during quarantine while getting them to help out and create something useful that they can eat! Of course adults can enjoy these treats guiltlessly too!

Quarantine treats including no-bake desserts, kid-friendly treats, healthy snacks and easy desserts with simple pantry ingredients such as chocolate chips or chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruit, fresh or frozen fruit, pumpkin puree, coconut milk, ready pie shells or diy pie shell recipes included. They are all dairy-free and lactose-free, many are gluten-free, most are naturally fruit sweetened, some are vegan and/or paleo desserts, perfect for the flexitarian or for those who like to eat clean yet have room for dessert.

Date nut energy balls, protein packed and full of healthy fats!

Instead of sugary Nutella try this homemade chocolate hazelnut butter recipe, ready in minutes! (this also includes diy almond butter or other nutbutter). Of course it is dairy free and healthy, plus a protein packed breakfast, lunch or snack idea!

Chocolate bark cups, super easy no-bake dessert that’s a great kid’s food crafts idea to make with your kids!

Super easy open faced cherry pie – a sugar free and naturally sweet pie!

chocolate cherry healthy and easy as a smoothie bowl!

Dairy free coconut Pudding topped with fruit or dairy-free chocolate pudding have these store cupboard staples already at home!

Easy, healthy, quick from-scratch Fruit juice jello. All natural jello without artificial coloring or flavours, and it’s naturally sweetened with fruit juice (and you can add fresh fruit too such as banana slices, berries etc, just not acidic fruit as pineapple and kiwi can prevent the jello form setting).

great topped with coconut whip (this recipe includes chocolate coconut whipped cream as well as other flavours such as orange coconut whip and pumpkin spice coconut whip to put on top of your pumpkin pie).

Pumpkin pie or pecan pumpkin pie

pumpkin mousse, made with pantry staples!

Candied nuts to enjoy on top of the pumpkin desserts or alone as a snack

chocolate dipped strawberries (or chocolate banana or chocolate mandarin slices)

Chia pudding with nutbutter and bannana or frozen /fresh strawberries

3 ingredient easy fudge (vegan, dairy free)

Pb&j with fruit sandwich for vitamins and vit c

Homeamade dairy free ice cream recipes using coconut milk!

If you cant find flour try these flourless cakes: Make a simple version of the chocolate mousse cake without a mirror glaze to keep it simple. Or make an eggnog cheesecake. what season is it anyway? you can also skip the cookie crumbs and make the mousse alone to be paleo and super easy to make with basic ingredients you have in the cupboard. this way if you don’t have gelatin or agar agar (vegan gelatin) its ok, as the mousse doesn’t have to hold its shape if it is a mousse in a bowl instead of a mousse cake. These no-bake cakes are perfect for summer and for when there are flour shortages and you need to save the flour for your daily bread!

For the adults who need a light quarantini cocktail dessert check out these wine jello cups.

Also check out ideas for Fun healthy Recipes to make with kids in the search bar under chocolate reindeer, fruit salad tree, chocolate hearts, etc to give you creative kids food crafts ideas that are also healthy and teach useful skills in the kitchen while keeping them occupied in making the food then eating the treats! Of course the reindeer picture is just a suggestion, you can make any shapes and faces you like- whoever said don’t play with your food didn’t have an imagination 😛

Kiwi Christmas tree edible arrangements

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